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JET Program update
I finally got my placement!  :)  I am going to be living in Hida City in Gifu Prefecture.  It's between Kyoto/Osaka and Tokyo, but (being very very rural) it still takes a little while to get to either and the nearest shinkansen station is 3.5 hours (I think) away.  But still, it's in central Japan where I wanted to be so I'm happy with it.  I'm also in the prefecture next to Nagoya where I have a friend who's a current JET.

Once I get to Japan, I am going to be keeping a blog about it.  I will likely have plenty of free time there so my current plan is to keep up-to-date with both this journal and my new one:

However, this is going to also remain my personal journal which I can use to talk about things non-Japan-related, while the other one is going to just be Japan stuff, so my relatives and others who care can see what I'm up to without having to read rants about Doctor Who or whatever.  I will probably end up copy and pasting (or at least posting links to) entries on my Japan blog onto this blog, but I'm not 100% sure yet.  I'll have to see how it goes.

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Lol, I might keep up this one? I really don't know yet. If I do keep up this one, I think most of the entries will just be links to the other journal. lol. 'Cause it seems like kinda a hassle to keep up 2 journals. If I do update this one, it'll likely be non-Japan-related things, while the other one is stuff I'm doing in Japan.

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