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It's now almost 12 days 'til I leave.  :O  I have a 'Japan corner' in the living room now with my suitcases and stuff I'm bringing.  It's making it infinitely more real.  This is crazy.  I mean, I've lived abroad for study abroad, but nothing like this before.  I've always lived with my family, in a dorm/campus house/campus apartment or with a host family.... so living on my own is new, let alone living on my own in a foreign country.  I just have so much to think about and prepare for.  My mind is swimming.  I'm already having trouble sleeping as a result of everything and I still have 12 days.  o.o  There's no way I'm going to be able to sleep the night before I leave.  And I get bad enough jet lag as it is...

Currently I'm rather worried about visa stuff.  I realize it's most likely unfounded worry... but that doesn't change the fact that I'm worried about it.  Basically, the visa application stuff is due on Monday.  I mailed my passport and paperwork in last week and they received it on Wednesday.  However, I got a call on Wednesday basically saying that I was a moron and forgot to sign the paperwork.  -_-  (it's a form you fill out online and then have to sign it by hand and I guess I forgot to sign/date it after I printed it out....) so they said all I had to do was mail out another copy of the form.  So I filled out a new one, SIGNED AND DATED IT, and shipped it off by express mail on Friday.  It came in this morning (Saturday morning), but the visa office was (obviously) closed.  So they left a notice saying that my package can be picked up at the local post office.  So I'm sure they will receive the notice on Monday, receive my paperwork from the post office and everything will be fine.  But I'm still really paranoid that they won't get the memo or will decide not to get it until Tuesday or something.... and the deadline is on Monday.  So I'm going to call the visa people Monday morning to make sure they got it all and that I can get my visa.  It's just instilling this kernel of (probably unfounded) doubt in me that I won't be able to get my visa and won't be able to go to Japan.... ><  So yeah...  I'll be happy once I'm able to call them on Monday and getting all that figured out.

Also, new post to my Japan blog:

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Yeah, makes sense. It's just a huge new thing. I've never done anything like this before-let alone in a foreign country. O.o

Yeah, the visa thing's driving me crazy, though I feel better now that Patrick reminded me that I could fax it if it doesn't work out. so that helps. Wow, yeah, that drug test thing would freak me out too. o.o That's good that you were able to get it worked out quickly, though...

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