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If you want to read about what I've been up to lately with the sports festivals at my schools, you can read about it at my Japan blog:

I've also been working on knitting a dalek. :p But I messed up at the beginning in that I couldn't count properly and didn't pay enough attention to how I would make up for my improper ocounting. i.e. making sure if I added/subtracted a stitch (if the line was too short or too long) I did it at a place that would actually make it look decent.... So I'm going to say that my dalek was wounded in battle. -_- I may need to make another dalek later since it's really bothering me....

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are you knitting or crocheting?

quote from journal: "I've also been working on knitting a dalek."

lol. So yes, knitting. :p There were two patterns on the site my sister showed me. One was knitted and one was crocheted, but the knitted one was waaaaaay cuter. ^^ (in that the crocheted one only had one color while the knitted one, more like `real` daleks had black stripes and stuff)

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